Forklift operator

Main tasks

⦁ Operate a forklift while adhering to occupational health and safety policies
⦁ Ensure that his/her forklift is functional and perform inspection prior to use

Depending on the position assigned, the forklift operator will :
⦁ Place pallets in the refrigerator, shipping department or freezer
⦁ Bring bins and pallets to the palletizer or dumper
⦁ Enter data into the computer system as needed
⦁ Ensure the cleanliness of plant and workstation
⦁ Assist with production during less busy times
⦁ All other related duties

Abilities, aptitudes and skills related to the position

⦁ Autonomous 
⦁ Speed of execution
⦁ Ability to use the computer system
⦁ Good physical condition
⦁ Ability to work under pressure during peak season
⦁ Good team spirit
⦁ Tolerance to cold environment
⦁ Be available for overtime as needed