Main tasks

⦁ Turn on the sorters
⦁ Turn on the machine and compressors
⦁ Prepare programs according to production type
⦁ Check if products meet quality criteria
⦁ Ensure the cleanliness of the factory and workstation
⦁ Any other related duties

Other tasks:

⦁ Perform cranberry sorting: remove foreign objects (rocks, metal, branches, frogs, etc.) and cranberries that do not meet quality criteria (rotten, too small, green, crushed, etc.)
⦁ Proceed to pack products (prepare boxes, bag, close boxes, etc.)
⦁ Perform bag and box inspection (weights, labels, etc.)
⦁ Check the scale for proper operation (stability, cleanliness, electrical connection)
⦁ Label boxes

Abilities, aptitudes and skills related to the position

⦁ Methodical, thorough person with good manual dexterity and stamina
⦁ Speed of execution
⦁ Standing and repetitive work
⦁ Ambient temperature of 4ᴼ Celsius
⦁ Computer skills